Due to the specialized nature of the objectives of this organization, the membership has been limited to people of specific qualifications and institutional responsibility. The membership consists of the regular member, who is engaged full-time as an architect on the administrative staff of a college, university or multi-campus system, and meets the other requirements listed below; the affiliate member, who is a former member of more than five years standing and is no longer eligible for membership as a campus representative to the Association; and the emeritus member, who is a member of long standing and has retired from a position which previously entitled him or her to regular membership. It should be noted that, in many cases, both affiliate and retired AUA members have developed consulting practices and consult regularly as campus planners to institutions, large and small, needing the advice of experienced and capable professional people. Former members who are still actively practicing or performing consulting services, are discouraged from utilizing the conference for purposes of securing project work.



The title, The Association of University Architects, is an indication of the specialized nature of its membership. Due to the responsibility held by the members of the organization, its membership is intentionally limited to professional architects in the planning field. A list of qualifications has been established, and each applicant must be able to fulfill the requirements listed in order to qualify under the terms of the organization Constitution and By-laws:

  1. Candidate must be a licensed architect.
  2. Candidate must be a full-time employee of a university or four-year college.
  3. Candidate must have as his/her primary duty professional responsibility for the physical development of the institution. (See exception in Item No. 4 below.)
  4. The applicant can be a licensed architect in charge of a multi-campus university or college system.
  5. Only one regular member may represent the same university or four-year college.
  6. Candidate must attend one of the next three annual conferences following the approval of application for membership. At this time, the candidate will, if time permits, be permitted to present his/her college or university plan; get acquainted with the activities of the Association; and permit the membership to become acquainted with the candidate.

Any person interested in applying for membership, who cannot qualify under the terms mentioned above is asked not to request membership.


How to Apply

  1. Anyone who is interested in membership in the Association of University Architects and who meets the above mentioned qualifications is invited to submit their application using the "Membership Form" link on this page. Use the "Contact Us" form to the right if you have questions. 
  2. Applications must be submitted by March 1st of any calendar year for eligibility to join the Association of University Architects at that year's annual conference.  The conference is traditionally held at the end of June.
  3. Final determination on the applicant's request for membership will be made by the Board of Directors. The applicant must receive a three-fourths majority vote of that body. Notification concerning the application will be sent to the applicant by the Membership Chairman after the Board action.


Membership Expense


It is the intent of the leadership of this organization that membership expenses should be contingent upon the activities and obligations of the organization. To this end, the annual membership dues can change as the organizational requirements change. An additional fee is charged for each conference registration. This fee varies, depending on the conference arrangements, including special transportation, meals, etc.